MINi Care Hand Sanitizer Moisturizer 

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Small size, great care

Alcohol Based

Alcohol free

Our products alcohol free are ideal for sensitive skin that needs protection. They contain Benzalkonium Chloride, a powerful germicidal asset that kills the most common bacteria, viruses and fungi.   

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MINI Care is the brand of products specialized in hand care and disinfection. Our proposal includes alcoholic sanitizers at 70%, non-alcoholic sanitizers and the only non-alcoholic hand lotion sanitizer moisturizer on the market, which protects your hands and  not dry them; in the most original and convenient packaging and presentations, ideal to take with you on any occasion and wherever you go ... Try it all!

Our alcohol hand sanitizers products have the effectiveness of this traditional germicide, and contain moisturizing active ingredients to prevent dry skin.

MINi Care Kids Hand Sanitizer 

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MINi Care Fresh Alcohol Free 

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MINi Care Fresh Alcohol Based

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